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Adrienne Bailon nude pictures
Posted on: November 11, 2008 - 12:29 am by: Bashcab

Looks like Disney’s gonna be rocked with yet another scandal!  This time, it’s none other than Adrienne Bailon.  Who?  Adrienne Bailon, of The Cheetah Girls, you know?  Uhm, ok yeah, her.

The pictures were supposedly stolen from her laptop which mysteriously went “missing” at JFK airport last month.  The guy that “found” it gave it back after claiming a $1000 reward.  But when Bailon booted her laptop up, she found out that a couple of files were missing – the files being the nude (semi-nude?) pictures she handily kept in her hard drive so that anyone with access to her computer can copy them.

Sheesh…talk about lame publicity stunts.  But she still got what she wanted, because here we all are, talking about it and searching for the pictures on the web.  So here they are, check out the latest nude celebrity in Tinsel Town!  Meanwhile, we’ll be waiting for the sex tape to hit the web.

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